The Staff Team

The Rusland Horizons scheme is delivered by a small team of staff employed by the Lake District National Park Authority with funding from our HLF grant. Please contact us directly if you’d like to speak to us about the scheme or the work we’re doing.

  • Marian Jones - Scheme Manager

    I lead the staff team and work closely with the Steering Group to manage the Rusland Horizons scheme. I talk to our partners, stakeholders and funders to make sure the scheme stays on track and within budget and that we make the most of new opportunities to deliver brilliant projects. When I’m not spinning plates at work, you’ll find me either climbing a rock, riding my bike or quietly weeding my garden in Kendal.

    Telephone: 07990 523265 Email:

  • Clare Dyson - Community Engagement Ranger

    I connect people with the scheme – recruiting volunteers, running events and activities, sharing the latest Rusland Horizons news, and working with local groups, schools and colleges on specific projects like the oral and mapped history. I also work part time as a gardener. Being a social creature, when I’m not working, I’m having adventures on my bike, swimming or on foot with family, friends and my dog, Finn.

    Telephone: 07787 154065 Email:

  • Dougie Watson - Woodlands & Wildlife Ranger

    I look after the nature side of the scheme; working with colleagues, partner organisations, volunteers and apprentices to help people get involved in mapping, monitoring and improving the diverse landscape for wildlife. When not roaming around the Rusland area I am usually found exploring the wider countryside by foot or bike, or baking cakes of all shapes and sizes while hiding from the Cumbrian weather.

    Telephone: 07554 227555 Email:

  • Sharon Callaghan - Administrator

    I take care of the administration needs of the scheme. This could be anything from processing a grant claim, creating a newsletter, coordinating an event or kitting out the offices! I also work for volunteer for a number of other local groups and organisations. In my spare time, I enjoy walking on the hills or sitting by the fireside knitting and crocheting.


  • Ray Millard - Apprentice coordinator

    I am the coordinator for the apprentices on the scheme, supporting them to ensure they gain an excellent package of training and skills development during their time with us. I work with them on the delivery of many of the schemes practical projects giving them the practical skills and knowledge they need. In my spare time I manage a smallholding with my family and enjoy gardening, walking our dogs and have an avid interest in all things related to the countryside.

    Telephone: 07554 227489 Email:


  • Aiden Dineen - Apprentice

    I’m 20 years old and I’m from Dalton. After I left school I spent a few years doing different college courses and working in a few places. Then I joined a project called Mosaic, which involved coppicing in Border Moss Woods, and fell in love with the area and the work. At the end of the apprenticeship I would like to be working as a field ranger in the national park or be doing coppicing work.

  • Maddy Parkin - Apprentice

    I am 18 years old, from Carlisle. I decide to apply for Rusland Horizon apprenticeship as I am interested in working in the woodlands and forestry. I enjoy working outdoors and also I wanted to improve my knowledge on woodland management and gain the necessary experience and tickets that would help me succeed in the industry. I have completed two years studying a Level 3 diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture, also receiving my chainsaw tickets (CS30 and CS31) and woodchipper.

  • Calum Johnson - Apprentice

    I applied for the apprenticeship so I could develop my skills and get experience working with the field rangers. I’d like to work towards getting the right experience and qualifications needed for a field ranger job, but if there are no vacancies at the end of the apprenticeship I’d like to travel and use some of the skills I’ve learned elsewhere.

  • George Mayvers - Apprentice

    I am a 17 year old lad from Lindal-in-Furness wanting to work outside. I left school and joined Rusland Horizons to learn new skills and training, to get experience with the Field Rangers and to get my tickets for using equipment like chainsaws and brushcutters. My hobbies are farming and just working out door rain or shine willing to get the job done.

  • Harry Howarth - Apprentice

    I’m 19 years old from Preston, Lancashire and recently moved to Kendal in August. Previously, I volunteered with the Lake District Young Rangers whilst I was in high school. I really loved that experience and learning about coppicing, invasive species management, woodland management and environmental conservation. During my time working as an apprentice for Rusland Horizons I hope to gain more in-depth knowledge about working the land and the different wildlife that lives in the scheme area.

  • Matthew Boal - Apprentice

    When I was ten years old I joined scouting and ever since then I have been in love with the outdoors. I recently finished my outdoor studies degree so I applied to become an apprentice to get experience in the area I have studied. I think the apprenticeship scheme is a great way to learn new skills, get new qualifications and experience whilst making a contribution to the local area and the national park as a whole. My hobbies include any outdoor sports, listening to music and spending time with my mates.

  • Tom Mannock - Apprentice

    Hello! My name is Tom, I am 23 and from North Yorkshire. From July I have moved up to Coniston to start a life in the lakes and also to find outdoor work. I enjoy being outdoors and am lucky to be in an area like the Lake District. Being a part of Rusland Horizons is a great opportunity for me to get to know the area, to know and work alongside the locals and to learn the skills to maintain this wonderful place. It’s a pleasure to be a part of this apprenticeship and a privilege to learn all I can while I am here.

  • Jonny Robinson - Apprentice

    I am 18 years old from Bassenthwaite in the North lakes. I have always been a very hands on and practical learner so decided that this apprenticeship would be for me. I have an interest in all aspects of countryside management particularly the forestry and woodland management side of things. From this apprenticeship I hope to gain the skills and tickets needed to carry out a field ranger’s job. However, if there are no vacancies at the end of my 18 months I would like to use the experience and skills I have gained to go self employed within the countryside management sector.

  • Richard Rawlinson - Apprentice

    I am 16 years old and I live in Marton near Ulverston. From the day I was born I have always had a connection with the outdoors as I grew up on my family farm. This connection is what drove me to apply for an apprenticeship with the Rusland Horizons project as through this apprenticeship I can learn and develop new skills such as walling and coppicing. These are old skills which are starting to die out as new generations are no longer learning these skills, which is one of the reasons I am keen to get some experience. The Rusland Horizons project is a great opportunity for me as I could see the benefit of working in the outdoors doing what I enjoy.

Steering Group

The Partnership’s Steering Group is made up of both corporate partners and individual community members, all on an equal footing.

  • Colin Barr - Local resident

  • Giles Wingate-Saul - Local resident and Chairman of Rusland Valley Community Trust

  • Vanessa Champion - Local resident

  • Adam Crowe - Local resident and environmental consultant

  • Carole Dickinson - Local resident, farmer and campsite owner

  • Bobbie Dobson - Local resident and Chairman of Bethecar Moor Commoners’ Association

  • Danielle Chalmers - Local resident and horse trainer

  • Mike Thwaites - Local resident and builder (master mason)

  • Edward Mills - Woodland manager, chartered forester and conservationist

  • Robert Henson - Local resident and historian

  • Richard Sanderson - Local resident and Chair of the Leven Valley History Society

  • Mark Eccles - Head of Park Management, Lake District National Park Authority (Accountable Body)

  • Teresa Morris - Land Management Lead Adviser, Natural England

  • James Anderson-Bickley - Advisor, Forestry Commission

  • Neville Elstone - Director, Cumbria Woodlands

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