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Coppice Livings

Supporting two new coppice apprentices in the heart of the country where Bill Hogarth, the late Cumbria coppice merchant, lived and worked.

Many of the woodlands that the scheme seeks to bring back into management are the very ones that Bill worked over his lifetime and his father before him. The Bill Hogarth MBE Memorial Apprenticeship Trust (BHMAT) has been delivering coppice apprenticeships in the NW of England since 2001. Having two Bill Hogarth coppice apprentices trained and supported to set up independent coppice businesses within the area will help to ensure the long term future of coppice management within the area and beyond.

  • Apprentices and sponsor businesses will have developed skills
  • 2 ha of Coppice woods will be better managed and in better condition
  • Apprentices and participants will have learnt about heritage – 3 demonstration events held
  • An active network of local coppice businesses will make the Rusland Horizons area a better place to live, work or visit
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So far so good...

2 coppice apprentices are being supported through the programme

Did you know?

Bill Hogarth was a coppice merchant who worked in the woodlands around South Lakeland between 1943 and 1999. He was always very generous with his knowledge and endlessly encouraging to anyone who wanted to get involved in coppicing. The Bill Hogarth MBE Memorial Apprenticeship Trust was set up to pay tribute to his life and continue the work of training coppice workers.


Project Lead

Bill Hogarth MBE Memorial Apprenticeship Trust (BHMAT)

The Challenge

Our coppiced woodlands are a haven for many threatened plant, butterfly, moth, bird and small mammal species. But much of this woodland is now neglected: important habitats are being lost, and traditional skills forgotten.
BHMAT promotes the management of broadleaved woodland using environmentally sustainable methods which encourage bio-diversity. The charity does this by training coppice workers. Recently BHMAT has experienced the impact of a challenging funding climate and has had to reduce the number of apprenticeship placements available.

Our Approach

We are funding two people, Helen and Jamie, through a three year apprenticeship with BHMAT. The apprentices are based with a coppice business and receive specialist training in all aspects of the coppice industry. Each apprentice receives a small bursary plus they can receive recompense for work within their placement. Assessment is based on practical skills and a percentage of written coursework. Successful apprentices are awarded the Bill Hogarth Coppice Diploma and are fully equipped at the end of three years to set up their own coppice business.

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