Skills & Swills

Hosting our own programme of heritage skills courses and working in partnership with other groups who also run complementary courses.

The current landscape of the Rusland Horizons area has resulted from centuries of traditional land management, none more so than by farmers and woodsman. However, evidence suggests that the traditional skills necessary to maintain this landscape in a sustainable way are being lost.

Our heritage skills training programme aims to provide courses which will allow skills to be passed on to more people and to encourage landowners to become involved in traditional, sustainable land management practices. We will be running our own programme of courses and demonstration days, as well as promoting other groups which run complementary courses.

Our 2016 - 17 programme saw the delivery of a diverse range of courses. Training covered practical skills such as dry stone walling, hedge laying and coppicing and identification skills courses to skills in the making of products such as bowls, hazel hurdles, oak swill baskets and greenwood items.

Our current programme of courses has been delivered in partnership with Cumbria Woodlands.

We are currently in the process of organising our next programme of courses. Details will be available soon, watch this space!

So far so good...

Update March 2017:..

  • 19 courses have been delivered.
  • 146 people have taken part in training.
  • 10 different topics taught.
  • Programme for 2017 - 2018 will be launched in August/September 2017

Did you know?

Oak swill baskets are traditional to the southern Lake District and were used on the farms, in the mines and on the docks. Throughout the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, thousands of swill baskets were exported from manufacting centres such as Bowness, Lowick, Spark Bridge, Torver, Haverthwaite, Backbarrow, and Broughton. Now, there are only a small handful of people who make them.


Project Lead

Rusland Horizons team and Cumbria Woodlands

The Challenge

For the long-term sustainability of our working landscape, there are a number of countryside and craft skills and ways of working which need to be learned, protected and passed on. It is important that the traditions of the area are passed on to future generations while those with the knowledge are still able to do so. A number of studies and commentators suggest that rural skills are in danger of decline.

Our Approach

We are working with local craftspeople to run a number of courses relating to skills and abilities associated with the wooded landscapes of the Rusland Horizons scheme area. Working with wood, stone and other materials, the courses are a mix of skills, crafts and hobbies, aimed at the younger craftsperson who wishes to make their living from the land, and to those with a passing interest in rural industries and skills. We are also arranging demonstration days where other skills which are impractical to run as coursework, can be demonstrated and are strengthening contacts within the skills-based network.

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