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Rusland Horizons is an integrated scheme rather than a collection of individual projects. Between 2016 and 2019 we are carrying out a range of projects to revive traditional skills, and to learn about, enhance and enjoy the heritage, habitats and wildlife of this quiet and very special place.

Project Categories

The projects are arranged around four inter-connected themes or programmes of work:

Heritage Skills

The Heritage Skills programme focuses on providing people with training and experience in the traditional skills used to manage the land and craft products from natural local materials. While gaining these skills, people will be carrying out the conservation work outlined in the other programmes, particularly Woodlands and Wildlife, so there will be benefits for the landscape and heritage as well as people.

Woodlands and Wildlife

The Woodlands and Wildlife programme is built around eight closely linked projects of habitat improvements and species monitoring and support.

Hidden Heritage

The Hidden Heritage programme will involve the local community in exploring the cultural heritage of the Rusland Horizons area. Through physical surveys, archive research and oral history accounts, we will improve our understanding of landscape history at a local level and of the mutual relationship between people and their environment. This learning will be shared through the Out and About programme.

Out and About

The Out and About programme is about improving access to the local landscape heritage, including physical improvements to the Rights of Way network and sharing information about the projects and their findings. This programme underpins the other three as it focuses on engaging people and getting them involved in the scheme through learning about, enhancing and enjoying the cultural and natural heritage.

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