Previous apprentices busy in the woods.

Discovering New Horizons- a Partnership Project with Furness College (2021 - now)

A pilot project with Furness College and UCLAN, aiming to introduce young people to Rusland's woodlands.

The six students partaking in this pilot project will have opportunity to learn bushcraft skills alongside the excellent Gareth and Ro Thomas (Woodmatters). They will, through the creative experiences of greenwood carving, learning basic foraging and tracking and through meeting together round the fire, learn about Rusland's ancient yet vulnerable woodlands. They will learn about coppicing and its place in sustainable woodland management, about the challenges and threats faced through overgrazing by deer, competition from invasive species and climate change. Students will then apply their newfound skills and confidence in the woodlands to learn about making use of a tool developed by Plantlife known as Rapid Woodland Assessment process. By partaking in this venture, students will learn about a range of professions they may not have previously been aware of, broaden their own CV and hopefully begin a lifetime of appreciation for places like Rusland’s horizons.

In addition, this venture is being used as a research case study by the University of Central Lancashire. Researchers there are using the creative and collaborative process of film making with the young people as they experience the woods, to help empower and enable often not-heard young people's views on landscape and how best to care for it.
The process of selecting the students has begun and dates in June and July have been set for the activities. We are excited to get going! We are also excited that this project will hopefully lead onto further collaboration with larger groups of students and for longer in the future.

So far so good...

  • Students from Furness College have been recruited to the project.
  • A set of activities have been devised in partnership with Furness College, University of Central Lancashire and Gareth and Ro Thomas. 
  • Funding has been awarded by the Lake District Foundation to support the aims of this project. 

Did you know?

  • Young people are increasingly disconnnected from nature and the natural world. 
  • Time spent in woodlands is well documented to benefit physical and mental wellbeing. 
  • Rusland Horizons previously supported 10 young people from a variety of backgrounds in apprenticeships which led to rural employment in the region.  See our Valley Futures project which ran from 2016 - 2019. 


The Challenge

  • Young people without the opportunity to experience rural landscapes can find it tricky to find out about rural careers and employment, as well as not developing an understanding of the vulnerabilities of an area such as the Rusland Valley.  This project aims to redress that situation, albeit in a small-scale way. 

Our Approach

The objectives of the venture are
• to offer students who might not otherwise do so, the chance to expand their horizons/see different perspectives and interact with the natural world.
• To give students the enabling to value the benefits to wellbeing of being in a natural landscape, and to give them confidence and skills to return independently.
• to enable students to see the vulnerabilities of landscapes such as the Rusland area, so they will be passionate and feel empowered about looking after these places.
• To demonstrate that there are jobs and careers beyond those that might immedialtey come to mind- that it is possible to earn a living in the countryside.

If this small-scale pilot project is successful, it is hoped that it will provide a model for further opportunities with young people from Furness College in the future. 

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