Rusland Woodland in Spring

Fighting for Rusland's Rare Atlantic Woodlands (2021 - now)

Cumbria is lucky enough to have one of the last strongholds of this ancient type of Atlantic Woodland in England. We work to protect and regenerate this precious habitat.

Cumbria's Temperate Rainforests support some of the richest and most treasured habitats in our beautiful countryside. They contain a treasure trove of veteran trees, butterflies, birds, invertebrates, fungi, as well as valuable moss and lichen species with wonderful names such as Fairy beads, Elf’s ears, and Pixie cups. 

Did you know only 1% of the habitat on the entire planet can support Temperate Rainforest?

These woodlands are under threat from climate change, disease and non-native species. If we lose them, they cannot be re-created.

So far so good...

Update April 2021

  • Rapid woodland assessments undertaken as part of Plantlife's LOST project to get a snapshot of current woodland health
  • Identified initial key sites of rare Atlantic Woodland
  • Ad hoc conservation working parties held
  • Identified need for wider reaching conservation project on these threatened habitats
  • Applied and shortlisted for funding to the European Outdoor Conservation Association 
  • Project plans being developed 

Did you know?

  • This woodland used to cover large swathes of the Western seaboard of the British Isles
  • The rusland area contains some of the best connected remaining  Atlantic Woodland in England
  • The species in this woodland are key indicators of climate change as clean air is vital to their healthy survival
  • The conditions needed to support Atlantic Woodland occur on less than 1% of the planet
  • The medical and scientific potention of lichen and mosses has barely been explored
  • A lichen has been exposed to the vacuum of outer space and it survived!
  • An oak tree can support over 2,300 species of flora and fauna


Project Lead

Marion Brown

The Challenge

If lost this precious habitat cannot be re-created.

Our Approach

  • Assess health of woodland 
  • Map habitat and key specimens
  • Remove invasive species
  • Plant native seedlings
  • Protect from over browsing by deer

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